New Pacific Rim Stills Focus On Our Heroes

Few filmmakers make monsters like Pan’s Labyrinth visionary Guillermo del Toro. So the promise of mammoth monsters from this man’s mind was enough for us to be stoked for Pacific Rim. Add to the mix equally gargantuan battle bots, and we’re practically frothing at the mouth in anticipation for the film’s release. But there’s more to Pacific Rim than its larger-than-life beasts and bots (though you can see close-ups of both here!) And a batch of new stills have emerged that give the spotlight to the film’s human stars, and well as some peaks behind the scenes. You can see all 15 at Variety, but our favorites can be seen above and below.

Up top you can see one of Pacific Rim‘s heroes. Played by The Brothers Bloom‘s Rinko Kikuchi, Mako Mori is a co-pilot of the Jaeger (giant battleing robot) Gypsy Danger. Here she is in the Conn-pod apparatus, which is not in fact controlled by the actors, but by off-camera puppeteers from Legacy FX. Below is Mako’s co-pilot Raleigh Becket—played by Sons of Anarchy‘s Charlie Hunnam—stepping into Gypsy Danger’s Conn-pod in his “second generation pilot suit.”

Pacific Rim Still

Here’s a closer look at that suit and Hunnam looking like he’s posing for his action figure.

/movie_img/2013/06/04/_1369925567.jpg alt="Pacific Rim Still">

But before she was a Jaeger pilot tasked with saving the world from apocalypse-threatening extraterrestrials, Mako’s clothes were less flashy.

Pacific Rim Still

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia‘ s Charlie Day co-stars as scientist Newt Geiszler, who studies the Kaiju (giant alien baddies) for the Pan Pacific Defense Force. Below, he’s been caught out in the streets as a Kaiju approaches Hong Kong.

Pacific Rim Still

Here’s Kikuchi in a hug with director del Toro. This is one of the most enviable hugs of the year.

/movie_img/2013/06/04/_1369925552.jpg alt="Pacific Rim Still">

Pacific Rim opens July 12th.

By Kristy Puchko

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