Must Watch: Another Superb Sci-Fi Short ‘ABE’ with Creepy Robot

ABE Short Film

“They say that what I am doing is wrong, and I wish I understood what that meant.” Dang, the sci-fi world is really heating up as we head into a summer movie season packed with sci-fi. Yesterday we featured a short titled Project Kronos, today we’ve got another outstanding new sci-fi short called ABE, that is a must watch. It was pitched as “Silence of the Lambs involving a robotic serial killer” and does have that feel. Made by a VFX artist named Rob McLellan, who did all the CG animation on his own, this is an impressive short and I would love to see the eerie story continue in a full feature. I expect Hollywood to take notice quick. Watch!

Directed by Rob McLellan and starring Sam Hoare, Claire Huskisson and Emily Baxter. ABE started life as a short film entry ‘Love… and all that‘ into the Colchester 48 Hour Film Challenge (watch here) and evolved into an idea for a live action film. The short film is just the beginning of, what will evolve into, a much larger project. ABE was produced by Zero-G Productions, written/directed by McLellan, with a story by McLellan and Sven Hornsey. For more info on the project and the short film, check out Vimeo and the film’s official Facebook page and production website. This was creepy, but incredibly well done. What did you think?

By Alex Billington

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