Exclusive: Tim Doyle’s New ‘Arrested Development’ Poster “Making Your Banana Stand”

Tim Doyle - Making Your Banana Stand Header

One of the most famous lines in Arrested Development is “there’s always money in the Banana Stand.” It’s a line so well-known, based on a location well-liked by fans, Netflix used it as a viral marketing tool to promote the fourth season of the show.

To celebrate all things Arrested Development (and bananas) fan and artist Tim Doyle has allowed us to exclusively reveal his third print based on the series. It’s a companion piece to the original banana stand image called “Making YOUR Banana Stand.” The image features of G.O.B. and Steve Holt’s competing Banana Shack from season three and it goes on sale later today. Check out the full image below, along with the original sketch, the old prints and enter to win one for free.

This print will be on sale to all later today at the Spoke Art website. Follow @Spoke_Art on Twitter for the exact time. For info on the context, keep reading.

Tim Doyle - Making Your Banana Stand Arrested Development

It’s a 18 x 24 inch six-color screenprint in an edition of 150 and costs $40.

The print is the latest in Doyle’s ongoing Unreal Estate series, which already has two sold-out Arrested Development pieces, seen below.

Wait, how is it that both banana stand pieces have the same lighthouse? It’s kind of an inside joke. Here’s Doyle:

The idea behind this one was to mimic what is essentially a running kind of joke on AD- the zoom-out, pull-away gag, showing the same scene from a different angle, or slowly revealing the entirety of a scene and the actors present- for comedic effect. My hope is that the people who own the original Banana Stand print from last year’s show will put this one right next to it- causing general confusion and awkward questions. This was ALMOST the print I did for this year’s UnReal Estate 2 show, but decided to go with the Model Home instead.  But after slamming Season 4 into my brain, and it’s very un-traditional structure- retreading the same material time and again from different perspectives, GOB’s Banana Shack just made more sense to me.  I did in fact re-draw the left side of the print by hand, re-tracing my own steps from almost 2 years previous. Which made me think about show-revivals and how set builders have to re-trace their steps and plans to resurrect a show like this- to make everything the same. SAME. ANYWAY- I could ramble, but I believe that would be a huge mistake.

Here’s the original line-drawing to prove it.

Tim Doyle - Making Your Banana Stand Arrested Development Lineart
As an Arrested Development fan, I gotta say, I really do love that we now have a Banana Shack print. It was time. What do you think?

Tim Doyle Banana Stands

CONTEST CLOSED: The winners have been contacted.

Contest time: We have two copies of Making YOUR Banana Stand to giveaway to lucky readers. All you have to do is email slashfilmcontest@gmail.com with the subject line “Arrested Development,” include your name, address, phone number and favorite moment from season four of Arrested Development. Yes, it has to be season four. Entries are due by 9am PST Tuesday June 4 and will be randomly selected but only if they fulfill all the requirements.

If you want this print, I highly recommend you buy it when it goes on sale. That guarantees it. But enter as well.

By Germain Lussier

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