Cool Short Doc ‘To Be Loved & Understood’ on Comedian Patton Oswalt

To Be Loved & Understood

Film fans may know Patton Oswalt as the voice of Remy the rat in Ratatouille, the lead in the indie Big Fan or the loveable townie in Young Adult, but the comedian has an amazing career as a stand-up comic, not to mention countless guest star appearances on TV. Now a cool 10-minute documentary from The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia director Julien Nitzberg turns the lens on Oswalt. Using a contrast between excited fans and the dull routine Oswalt has before his shows, the short gives a glimpse into how Oswalt crafts his stand-up material, which is some of the most brilliant comedy today. Watch it!

Here’s the 10-minute documentary short To Be Loved & Understood, found via The Playlist:

Honestly, despite the fans love for Oswalt, it’s not just “nerdy” material that makes him appealing. Oswalt has an ability to craft poignant, thought-provoking observations about nerdy topics from time-to-time, but more often than not, what makes him truly engaging is how he describes his personality, beliefs and experiences in an extremely entertaining way. He’s not a comedian who has punchlines, but knows how to tell a story with maximum entertainment value. If you haven’t check out any of his clips, hit YouTube, or his specials on Netflix like No Reason to Complain and The Comedians of Comedy: The Movie. Good stuff?

By Ethan Anderton

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