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[This is a re-post of my review from the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.  The Company You Keep opens tomorrow in limited release.]

Chase fi[......]

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Sarah Polley Talks STORIES WE TELL, Bringing This Narrative to Audiences, Her Voice as a Filmmaker, and More


From filmmaker/actress Sarah Polley, Stories We Tell investigates the search for truth, as told by a family of storytellers who paint a portrait of a[......]

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BEST IN SHOW Blu-ray Review


Christopher Guest is one of a kind.  The writer/director/producer/actor carved out a niche of his own in the filmmaking community with the bril[......]

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‘Gravity’ Trailer: Sandra Bullock Must Fight to Stay Alive in Space

Gravity is a harrowing tale of survival that unfolds within the dangerous vacuum of space, as envisioned by the director of Children of Men and Harry[......]

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Red Letter Media Breaks Down References in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’

Star Trek Into Darkness - Benedict Cumberbatch

Some of Red Letter Media‘s movie breakdowns and reviews featuring the Mr. Plinkett character are more self-indulgent than others, with drunk/gr[......]

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‘Man of Tai Chi’ International Trailer Shows Off Keanu Reeves’ Directorial Debut

One of the more fascinating developments in recent international filmmaking has been the rise of American-Chinese co-productions. These have ranged f[......]

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When science fiction wants to present thoughtful subtext, it can’t go broad.  The freedom to construct a world has to come down to precise them[......]

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