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Was it six years of anticipation for a fourth season of Arrested Development or was it desire?  If it was the former, we saw possibilities beyond the[......]

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THIS IS 40 Blu-ray Review


It’s weird to think we’re only four movies in to Judd Apatow’s directing career, because for the last ten years he’s become a brand.  Between w[......]

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PAIN & GAIN Review


Entitlement is a central facet of the American Dream. If you work hard, you should be rewarded. We believe we live in a meritocracy despite all evide[......]

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‘The Congress’ Trailer: Robin Wright & Jon Hamm Get Animated

Never let it be said that Ari Folman makes commonplace films. After releasing the excellent Golden Globe-nominated animated documentary Waltz With Ba[......]

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Director Todd Phillips Talks THE HANGOVER PART III, the Evolution of the Series, Deleted Scenes, and More; Reveals Plans for Ultimate HANGOVER Box Set


With director Todd Phillips’ comedy sequel The Hangover Part III opening this week, I recently sat down with him for an extended interview.  In the f[......]

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