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Robert Schwentke Up For Helming Disney’s Finest Hours

Robert Schwentke Up For Helming Disney's Finest Hours  image

Director Robert Schwentke’s filmography thus far has been a mixed bag of hits and misses. But as he readies for the release of his latest, R.I[......]

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‘Hangover 3′ Red Band Trailer Showcases New R-Rated Jokes

After two massive hangovers and two horrific pre-wedding nights, The Hangover Part III revisits the Wolfpack sometime later as Alan (Zach Galifianaki[......]

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Steve Carell Appears On Ellen As Despicable Me 2′s Antihero Gru

Promoting a big movie is sometimes a very silly business in and of itself. Trailers and viral websites are overly commonplace, and while Star Trek In[......]

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