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Machete Kills Spanish Trailer Surprises With Off-The-Wall Cameos

My Spanish is a bit rusty so I’m not exactly sure what Robert Rodriguez and his frequent collaborator Danny Trejo are saying in the introduction for[......]

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THE INSIDER Blu-ray Review


The line between opinion and truth on news outlets has been getting awfully blurry lately.  As corporations dictate the commentaries and presum[......]

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‘The Way, Way Back’ Trailer – Funny People, Life Lessons and Summer Break

Believe it or not, Ben Fox (Nat Fixon) from Ben and Kate and Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) from Community are Oscar-winning screenwriters; the two have reun[......]

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‘V/H/S 2′ Red-Band Trailer Will Terrify You

Last year’s V/H/S met some seriously mixed response (you can read Screen Rant’s review here), with consensus opinion dubbing it an intere[......]

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Will Smith Has No Interest In Men In Black 4

Will Smith Has No Interest In Men In Black 4 image

There wouldn’t be a Men In Black franchise without Will Smith. Yes, the charismatic A-list action hero made sweet music with the curmudgeonly[......]

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