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‘Pacific Rim’ Featurette Explores ‘Drift Space’; First TV Spot Offers More Action

The sky-scraping robots in Pacific Rim – known as Jaegers – operate by a two-pilot system, where both individuals must form a neurologica[......]

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Cool Stuff: Artistic Posters for ‘The Kings of Summer’

Rich Kelly - Kings of Summer header

Audiences love a good coming of age story, and Jordan Vogt-Roberts‘ film The Kings of Summer is a great one. It tells the story of three boys ([......]

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Jay Baruchel Is Super-Excited for ‘How To Train Your Dragon 2:’ “We Smoke The First One”

How To Train Your Dragon

When an actor says they’re excited about a movie, it’s difficult to trust them completely. Maybe they’re being honest. Or, maybe, t[......]

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Kristen Wiig Finds Herself Behind Bars In Girl Most Likely Poster

Girl Most Likely

If it’s starting to seem like Kristen Wiig is everywhere lately, it’s because she kind of is, or she will be soon. as the comedic actor has a host of[......]

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If you’re going to make a movie designed to sell toys, you may as well show how much fun it is to play with them.  Although almost none of the[......]

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SXSW Winner Short Term 12, Starring Brie Larson, Debuts Its First Trailer

Brie Larson seems to be everywhere this year. On the small screen she’s making appearances on show like Community and Kroll Show, and taking part in[......]

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Writer-director Tommy Wirkola’s style is one that will either delight you with its over-the-top gore and sick brand of humor, or will disgust you fo[......]

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