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‘Lone Ranger’ Featurette – Armie Hammer Scales Great Heights for the Disney Western

Director Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean 1-3) is known for going to great lengths, in order to feature as much in the way of practical effec[......]

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‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Final Trailer [Updated]

Continuing in the proud(?) tradition of previews of previews, MTV has debuted an exclusive preview of the final Star Trek Into Darkness trailer, whic[......]

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Isla Fisher Talks NOW YOU SEE ME, Filming in New Orleans, the Success of THE GREAT GATSBY, the Untitled Elmore Leonard Project, and More


With director Louis Leterrier’s (The Incredible Hulk) magician-centered thriller Now You See Me opening May 31st, I recently went to New Orleans to i[......]

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The Hangover feels like a franchise created by a studio rather than a storyteller.  The original film was a huge sleeper hit, and Warner Bros. wanted[......]

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Watch: Sci-Fi ‘Koyakatsi’ Proof of Concept Trailer by Ayoub Qanir

Koyakatsi Short Film

Whoa, this looks cool. I’ve been looking for some sci-fi shorts from the Vimeo world to feature, and I’m glad our tipster Ron came through with anoth[......]

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Writer/director Andrew Niccol’s The Host opens this holiday weekend with star Saoirse Ronan (Hanna).  Adapted from Twilight author Stephenie Me[......]

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