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Andrea Riseborough Talks SHADOW DANCER, the Film’s Reception in Northern Ireland, Her Personal Memories of the Era, Iñárritu’s BIRDMAN, and More

Andrea Riseborough delivers a compelling performance as Collette McVeigh, a character who risks everything in Shadow Land, Academy Award-winning dire[......]

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Fan Creates Chronological Edit of ‘Arrested Development’ 4th Season


The highly anticipated fourth season of Arrested Development hasn’t even been in the world for two weeks and already fans have made it their ow[......]

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Producer Kori Rae Talks MONSTERS UNIVERSITY, Creating Pixar’s First Prequel, Casting Helen Mirren, Crafting John Ratzenberger’s Role and More


During our recent set visit to Pixar Animation Studios for Monsters University, we had a chance to sit down with producer Kori Rae to talk about the[......]

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‘Prisoners’ Trailer: Hugh Jackman Hunts Down His Daughter’s Kidnapper

Prisoners is a dramatic-thriller starring Hugh Jackman as Keller Dover, a Boston family man whose young daughter – as well as his and his wife[......]

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‘Coffee Town’ Trailer: Now CollegeHumor is Making Feature Films

Coffee Town

CollegeHumor‘s silly videos have entertained many a procrastinator for five- or ten-minute chunks, but now the site’s looking to command[......]

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