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Grumpy Cat Meme Getting Its Own Movie. Seriously.

Grumpy Cat Meme Getting Its Own Movie. Seriously. image

Get ready to pull out your “Hollywood is dead!” protest signs, for the cinematic apocalypse hangs before us – and it will always land on four[......]

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‘As I Lay Dying’ Trailer: James Franco’s Take on a Faulkner Classic

With As I Lay Dying, James Franco makes the bold attempt to translate to screen a novel (by legendary American writer William Faulkner) that has long[......]

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MAD MEN Recap: “The Better Half”


After last week’s cryptic offering, Mad Men returned this week with a very straightforward episode and a straightforward title.  “The Bet[......]

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Scott Bakula Talks BEHIND THE CANDELABRA, Working with Steven Soderbergh, Why the Film Landed at HBO, BASMATI BLUES, and More

From director Steven Soderbergh and screenwriter Richard LaGravenese, Behind the Candelabra (debuting on HBO on May 26th) follows the life of virtuos[......]

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