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Review: In Tavianis' Dreamy, Meta Docudrama 'Caesar Must Die,' All the Prison's a Stage

“Caesar Must Die”

Paolo and Vittorio Taviani’s docudrama “Caesar Must Die,” Italy'[......]

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New Teaser Trailer for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS [Updated with Viral Launch]


A new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness has gone online.  Unlike the previous teaser, this one is far more melancholy as we hear Pike (Bruce Greenw[......]

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Hurt (2069)



A recently widowed family is forced to move into their uncle’s salvage yard, and soon after the arrival of a mysterious foster chil[......]

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Friday Box Office Top Ten: Original Films and Inventive Marketing Win

For the first weekend in a while,there's been a real uptick in business. The top 10 films on Friday grossed over $30 million, compared t[......]

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Shorts love sparks long careers



Winning an Oscar for animated short — or even earning a nomination — can lead to a career in features.

During the 1930s, Walt Disney use[......]

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Sneakers (Kecove): Film Review

Kecove Sneakers Film Still - H 2012

The Bottom Line

Sofia cop-out with the Bulgarian Breakfast Club.


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Oscar Lunch Nominees Q & A: Chastain, Lawrence, Hathaway, Adams, Washington, Jackman, Cooper and More

Chastain at the Oscar Luncheon

Among the stars stopping by the Beverly Hilton interview room on their[......]

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Haywire Review

It’s impossible to talk about this movie without sounding like an announcer in a trailer w[......]

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Promised Land Review

The day a natural gas company comes to your economically depressed small town and offers b[......]

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Day of the Falcon

Day of the Falcon is the story of the 1930s oil boom in the Arab states, that caused a rift between to communities. Antonio Banderas, Mark Strong and[......]

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