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First Trailer and Poster for RED 2 Starring Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich


The retired and extremely dangerous gang from Red return in this new teaser trailer for Red 2.  Directed by Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest), the spy sequ[......]

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Berlin 2013: Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Why 'Don Jon's Addiction' Is 'Sort of Wholesome'

Joseph Gordon-Levitt TIFF - P 2013Jason Merritt/Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The busy actor discusses his racy
 directorial debut, which, after premiering at Sundance, wi[......]

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Premature Predictions: The 2014 Best Actor Nominees

As part of our steady quest to go cold turkey from the Oscar season over the next few days, we've been running down some of our possibiliti[......]

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First Very Short Clip from STAR TREK INTO THE DARKNESS Features Zachary Quinto as Spock in a Volcano


The first clip for director J.J. Abrams’ sequel Star Trek Into Darkness has been released.    It features star Zachary Quinto in costume as Spock, do[......]

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Bond vs. Hitchcock: Bracing for an iconoclash

Judi Dench in 'Skyfall'

Judi Dench in ‘Skyfall’



'Les Miserables'

‘Les Miserables’

On the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise and the 90th anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s fi[......]

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Berlin 2013: Download THR's Day 1 'Daily'

Berlin Film Fest - H 2013

In day one of THR’s Berlin Film Festival Daily, David Bowie gets the biopic treatment, Hong Kong auteur Wong Kar-wai discusses[......]

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U.S., Euros flock to Latin America film festivals

Latin America is coming together as a regional and international movie co-producer.

HIGHLIGHTSFest opens March 1 with Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandber[......]

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Pols lobby in support of pic production

There’s a strong case to be made for bringing film and TV productions to Vancouver — experienced crews, talent, diverse locations, easy travel to[......]

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Red-Band Trailer for MOVIE 43 Features Jason Sudeikis Admiring Kristen Bell’s Crotch and So Much Ad-Libbing


If you like your movie trailers short on plot, heavy on the ad-libbing and redder than a Romney state, then you’ll love this new red-band effor[......]

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‘Halo,’ ‘Burning Love,’ and ‘Epic Rap Battles’ Lead 3rd Streamy Award Winners

“Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates”, “Epic Rap Battles of History”

This past Sunday, the 3rd Streamy Awards, hon[......]

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